Why Not Photography?

I have always loved capturing memories through photos.  


Im forgetful
Im extra sentimental.  
Im a product of divorced parents (I only have 2 photos with both of my parents in them & one was my wedding photo)
Time changes things.  Photos freeze the moment.
I love history. 

So why not photography?

I started having “photo shoots” with my son as soon as he could walk.  I would put cute clothes on him and let him run around the house/yard and shoot away.  Before that I would stage shoots for him, finding the cutest costume or fluffy blanket to lay him on.  I did similar things with my daughters, recording their monthly progress, making everyone that came to visit them in the hospital take a picture with the baby.

Why not?

The progression of taking something Ive always loved doing and making it a business gives me joy unimaginable.  Photography is my self-esteem BOOSTER.  Before I discovered I had an eye for beauty, I thought I had no talent.  I didnt like taking pictures much cause there was a 50-50 chance I would have a double chin, or acne, or one eye looking smaller than the other.  

Experience is a Good Teacher

I started with digital scrapbooking, photo Christmas cards, making cards for my sorority sisters.  Then I became that person at the wedding with a camera almost identical to the photographer.  I began giving photobooks/gifts to couples as wedding gifts.  I loved the emails I would receive telling me how I captured shots their photographer didn’t.  I bought a new camera every year.  My ex-husband became a photographer and I felt like he took my dream and ran with it.  He is damn good to..

Then it seemed like EVERYONE had a dslr but me!  So one day, the day my little sister ended up winning the cotillion, I ran out and bought one.  I was excited and afraid.  Photography is not cheap.  How would I pay for it?  I started selling photo books.  I convinced one of my closest male entreprenuer friends to let me do a promo shoot for him.  He finally caved, and the pictures are awesome!  The rest is history but the moral of the story is-Find a way to do what you love.  You will NOT regret it, I promise.

 ~DreAM BiggER in 2014~

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