Letters to my children

I just read an article about a photographer writing letters to her children. I am so inspired to do this!  My daughters may freak out if I post it online, but I definitely think this is a great idea.  Building up our children is essential to their self-esteem.  Im pretty strict so I know my kids think Im crazy and overbearing at times.  Have you heard of anything like this and would you be willing to do this for your children?

Why Not Photography?

Why Not Photography?

I have always loved capturing memories through photos.  


Im forgetful
Im extra sentimental.  
Im a product of divorced parents (I only have 2 photos with both of my parents in them & one was my wedding photo)
Time changes things.  Photos freeze the moment.
I love history. 

So why not photography?

I started having “photo shoots” with my son as soon as he could walk.  I would put cute clothes on him and let him run around the house/yard and shoot away.  Before that I would stage shoots for him, finding the cutest costume or fluffy blanket to lay him on.  I did similar things with my daughters, recording their monthly progress, making everyone that came to visit them in the hospital take a picture with the baby.

Why not?

The progression of taking something Ive always loved doing and making it a business gives me joy unimaginable.  Photography is my self-esteem BOOSTER.  Before I discovered I had an eye for beauty, I thought I had no talent.  I didnt like taking pictures much cause there was a 50-50 chance I would have a double chin, or acne, or one eye looking smaller than the other.  

Experience is a Good Teacher

I started with digital scrapbooking, photo Christmas cards, making cards for my sorority sisters.  Then I became that person at the wedding with a camera almost identical to the photographer.  I began giving photobooks/gifts to couples as wedding gifts.  I loved the emails I would receive telling me how I captured shots their photographer didn’t.  I bought a new camera every year.  My ex-husband became a photographer and I felt like he took my dream and ran with it.  He is damn good to..

Then it seemed like EVERYONE had a dslr but me!  So one day, the day my little sister ended up winning the cotillion, I ran out and bought one.  I was excited and afraid.  Photography is not cheap.  How would I pay for it?  I started selling photo books.  I convinced one of my closest male entreprenuer friends to let me do a promo shoot for him.  He finally caved, and the pictures are awesome!  The rest is history but the moral of the story is-Find a way to do what you love.  You will NOT regret it, I promise.

 ~DreAM BiggER in 2014~

2014 Senior Rep Program aByrdseyephoto



Apply to be a Senior Rep!

I am encouraging you to become a senior rep for aByrdseyephoto Productions! As a rep you’ll receive TOP MODEL treatment! By becoming a senior rep you will:

v  earn CASH/CREDIT!

v  learn social media & personal marketing skills! You will add a cool job to your resume! 

v  You will also get to be apart of aByrdseyephoto Productions’ Senior Rep Spring Shoot! During this shoot my reps will get hair and makeup done and have a great time as we photograph and get to know each other!


What does a Senior Rep do?

As a senior rep I will be counting on you to tell your friends and classmates about how great & unique their senior photos can be if they book with aByrdseyephoto Productions. You’ll have numerous chances to spread the word whether it be at school, with family, or via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. As a rep you will be required to periodically promote aByrdseyephoto Productions social medias to help your friends and classmates find a photographer for their senior photos or other photography needs.


Why be a Rep?


There are some great incentives to be a Senior Rep for aByrdseyephoto Productions!

You’ll receive…

1.     a Huge discount on senior portraits

2.     Cash! or Print credit towards your order

3.     Paparazzi treatment-Participation in a free styled shoot with other selected senior models, including hair and makeup.

4.     48 personalized referral cards to give to friends and classmates with your name, your portraits, and our Business information to hand out to friends

5.     Several of our favorite photos to share on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (with our logo on them).

6.     A digital slideshow on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Pages


What I’m looking for!


I need my senior reps to be outgoing individuals, active in school activities and in their community, someone who is also active within the social media world.  I will only be choosing a few to be my senior reps, if you are chosen:

1.     Senior portraits must take place before March 15 , 2014 (seniors) or May 1st (juniors)

2.     You must represent aByrdseyephoto Productions EXCLUSIVELY.

3.     You may only have senior portraits done with aByrdseyephoto Productions.

I will be accepting applications through February 15, 2013!

To apply to be a senior rep fill out this quick application!
Referral Discounts
You will receive $20 CASH or Print Credit for each and every referral after the referral’s paid and completed session! You could potentially get your session free after earning cash back.

When your referrals book a paid session and bring in your Rep Card you will receive the above mentioned discounts according to the amount of referrals you bring to us. These referrals can include anyone who books the following sessions: Senior, Newborn, Family Portraits, Engagement Portraits, Event, or any session & print order totaling $100 or more.

You only receive credit for referrals earned before May of 2015.

If accepted, you will be representing aByrdseyephoto Productions and telling your friends about our Senior Sessions throughout your senior year. Be sure to let your junior friends know also, so they will have a chance to apply for the 2015 program. 

The classmate(s) must present a referral card in order to be eligible. All referred classmates will receive 20% of their session with a valid referral card. Your participation in the program will not only introduce you to a new way for cutting edge, personalized photography, but also a way to earn incentives toward your session for senior portraits at little or no cost. Terms and conditions are listed below for all Senior Portrait Representatives.  

The first photo session must be completed by May 1st of the Junior Year and any additional sessions need to be scheduled by July 1st. Parents or legal guardians of the Senior Rep must sign a model release, allowing us to use your images for advertising purposes.

A valid Senior Portrait Rep Referral Card must be presented by a referred student/client in order to receive any credits toward prints. Credits will only be issued when a referred senior’s session is complete and all fees are paid in full by the referred senior/client. The program is limited by school.

Interested students should submit all information by Friday, February 15, 2014. Reps will be notified in early March by aByrdseyephoto Productions. Reps will be contacted if chosen and also announced on the Blog and on Facebook/IG/Twitter. No more than two reps will be chosen from each school.  

In order to be a senior rep, you must:

Have great style, lots of personality and enjoy being in front of the camera.

  • Be a current high school junior or senior.
  • Live in and attend school in Lucas County
  • Be available to have a photo session completed before March 15th, 2014 for seniors, or May 1st for juniors.
  • Agree & feel comfortable telling your friends and classmates about aByrdseyephoto Productions and share your senior portraits with them.
  • Have your parents or legal guardians sign a model release form.
  • Agree to represent ONLY aByrdseyephoto Productions and use these images as your senior pictures.

As part of our senior rep program you will receive the following:

  • Discounted photo session(s) with unlimited clothing changes. Photos may be completed in one session or several sessions at my discretion. Several locations may be used.
  • The opportunity to earn print credit or CASH for every person you refer to aByrdseyephoto Productions for senior portraits. (And their friends get perks, too!)
  • 50 personalized referral cards to give to friends and classmates with your name, your portraits, and our Business information to hand out to friends
  • Several of our favorite photos as low resolution files to share on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (with our logo on them).
  • A digital slideshow on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Pages
  • Discounts on your print orders (discounts apply to orders purchased before expiration of gallery).
  • Top Model treatment! You will be featured on all of aByrdseyephoto’s social media pages, a dedicated blog post, as well as printed marketing materials
  • Resume building opportnity-add marketing skills and job experience

    DreAM BiggER in 2014~

    Project 365

    Hello to whomever is reading my blog!  I had a hard time keeping interest in a blog before because I always felt like I was talking to myself-on the internet.  Sounds kinda corny/arrogant to me. Now that I understand the  benefits of a blog in my photography career, I’m much more interested.

    I just read an article about Project 365 and I am excited to try it (again)!  I tried this a few years back when I started getting serious about photography but I only lasted a few weeks.  I set up a flickr account, joined a few Project 365 websites, but I didnt follow through.  Then I joined instagram (follow me) and I love that! But I again didnt want to overload my friends’ feeds with photos they may have already seen on my facebook page.

    That being said, now that my 1st year of “professional” photography is coming to an end, I plan for 2014 to start a Project 365 page on this blog, and I hope you ride with me!

    I keep updating this blog and it keeps reverting back to the original :(.
    Im still trying to figure out how to update my pictures, since Blogger has not helped me :(.  In the meantime, please visit my instagram or flickr site to view my posts.  For February, I am going to use the Black History theme,  mildly similar to this.  If you have any ideas for photos or themes I should capture, please leave a comment below.  Here is my facebook post where I have started gathering ideas.  Thanks!