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Be Empowered

Hello! Ambershaun (Miller) Byrd here, owner of Abyrdseyephoto Productions Photography. Abyrdseyephoto captures portraits, corporate and private events, and weddings. I love working with businesses and entrepreneurs. Creating branding images for clients like mine make me happy. Our motto is “Be Empowered” and Abyrdseyephoto brings knowledge and energy to each session that encourages clients to bring your best self to the camera. I live in Toledo, and serve Ohio and clients across the country/world!

Ambershaun Byrd Toledo Photographer Branding Photo
Angela and Ambershaun Byrd

A Byrd’s Eye View

Above all, Abyrdseyephoto Studio focuses on capturing candid, off guard portraits that reveal your true character (a byrds’ eye view). However, we present a creative, professional, convenient, & amazing experience for you. For instance, I photograph events and portraits from the consumer/mom/spectators view, while offering quality expected from an artist. In conclusion, as a business woman with 20 years of event planning experience, I will efficiently and effectively ensure your session is a success, with a woman’s touch.

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