Hello all! Todays blogpost will attempt to answer the #1 question in my inbox. How much does AByrdseyephoto charge for photography?  Well, its not a easy question to answer.  Here’s why.

I offer different types of photography

Maybe you know by my website, but in case you dont, I offer services for weddings, seniors, all types of events, and various types of portraits, including families, newborns, models, headshots, and promotion shots for websites, advertising, etc.  (all of the blue words are links to my prices, click on them to see packages and a la cart offerings).



I run a full-service business.

I started out offering services to friends and family that needed photography for photobooks for personal and small business needs.  I started this business to make extra money to afford the equipment and materials needed to take great pictures.  AByrdseyephoto quickly turned into much more than that. Unlike some photographers you may be used to seeing, my business is not a hustle. I offer a full-service product, from preconsultations to canvas & prints. Therefore my prices are structured around being paid for my time, and offering a creative experience & a professional product.

I offer you options, so you get what You need

If you are thinking, that the studio you normally get pictures from offer a nominal sitting fee, with X amount of pictures included, how do I compare? Its not really a comparison.  I offer a unique experience, options to choose from, catered to your needs.  Its not a printing service, its a photography business. I sell art, captured memories.  Sometimes those memories are captured in my studio, but my studio has a piano, brick walls, and real scenery, not just backdrops. With AByrdseyephoto, you are not limited to just prints, and if you need home or studio session, the price is the same.


So, what are my prices?

It depends, (see links above). But expect to pay about $125 for basic portrait services, and $150 for 2 hours at an event.  Weddings ($1000+) and Seniors ($200-400) have special offerings, and most packages include a photo book and product credit, because printed products are very important to me.  I also offer special packages for maternity & newborn sessions.  If you have specific questions, please see the quote page.

Why should you book with AByrdseyephoto?

If you love photographs, and view photography as art, and appreciate supporting a locally owned business that offers the same professionalism as a chain photography studio, then I guarantee you will get your money’s worth with AByrdseyephoto Productions.  If you want options outside of standard print packages and the flexibility of capturing great memories wherever is best for your situation, then you should give us a try. If you want pictures taken with the expectation of little to no love put into your captures, editing, and want portraits available the same day, then Portrait Innovations might be a better fit for your needs.

I would love to be your photographer!

If you know someone getting married in 2016, please tell them about my current special on Facebook!





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