Hi, are you a people person? Do you have anything hapening in your life coming up that brought you to my blog today?Who are you and how did you get here?Why am I asking so many questions?  Inquiring minds want to know. Shelby Studio Pics 2015-11-16 031


I would love to get to know my neighbors! Ive contemplated making flyers and putting them in my neighbors mailboxes for 2 years.  But I never did! I also have always put off blogging, thinking “no one reads my blog anyway.” Toledo Ohio is a little behind the times with networking, social media presence, and supporting our own.  Nonetheless my supporters have really stood behind my new venture of entreprenuership, and I am happy to call Toledo my current home.


When I saw these set of questions on another person’s blog, I thought, what a Great idea!

So tell me, who are you?  I will pick a random poster to offer a free 20 minute session to in my studio.  Its quick, and easy. Just leave a comment in the reply section below.


Take just a moment to leave a comment now!

Tell us:

  1. Your name + whereabouts you’re located
  2. What kind of business are you in – or what are you working on?  (What brings you here?)
  3. What do you wish clients / your audience knew about you – and why do you have a hard time telling them?  (This helps me help you, my friends.)

After you finish answering the 3 questions below, please take a look at my portfolio, under the menu tab.  Leave a comment there also if you see something that interests you. I love feedback! Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



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