I started to share this on my Facebook page, but I decided to hopefully reach more souls here.

Please watch the video posted below.

This is one reason I take my job as a photographer so seriously, and get offended when people treat me like the hired help.

This goes for all people, not just women. Kids, men, all cultures and shades.

You wouldn’t believe how much I can read people just by listening to them & watching them interact with the camera.

watch this

Photography  is an art and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Just because for years you may have gotten your picture taken at a kiosk inside a big box store & paid a little more than the paper it was printed on  doesn’t make the photograph less important. Because you have avoided the camera for years , thinking you aren’t photogenic, you are robbing those who come after you the chance to view your beauty when you aren’t around.

Life and beauty is about so much more than your outward apppearance. The media has lied to us!  There is no height,  size, or stature that makes us photogenic. Being YOU makes you photogenic. Beautiful.

It’s morbid to speak of, but don’t let a cellphone pic be the best photo your loved ones have of you when you are gone. Cherish your life enough to capture it for generations after you.

Selfies are great, but if you are the only person that can take a great picture of you, you are hiding your true self from others. Open up to the world. Show them your smile. Show them your truth. Show them you.


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