Weddings in Toledo

This summer I had the pleasure of capturing John & Darlene’s wedding day in Monclova, OH. I love how open they were to my suggestions and we had a ton of fun incorporating their personalities into their special day.  Here are some of my favorites. John&DarleneFedorWedding-2014-06-07-393 John&DarleneFedorWedding-2014-06-07-460 John&DarleneFedorWedding-2014-06-07-485 John&DarleneFedorWedding-2014-06-07-486 John&DarleneFedorWedding-2014-06-07-493 John&DarleneFedorWedding-2014-06-07-496 John&DarleneFedorWedding-2014-06-07-502 John&DarleneFedorWedding-2014-06-07-505 John&DarleneFedorWedding-2014-06-07-506 John&DarleneFedorWedding-2014-06-07-511 John&DarleneFedorWedding-2014-06-07-160 John&DarleneFedorWedding-2014-06-07-567 John&DarleneFedorWedding-2014-06-07-633 John&DarleneFedorWedding-2014-06-07-669 John&DarleneFedorWedding-2014-06-07-683-2 John&DarleneFedorWedding-2014-06-07-744 John&DarleneFedorWedding-2014-06-07-769 John&DarleneFedorWedding-2014-06-07-775 John&DarleneFedorWedding-2014-06-07-828 J&DFedorWeddingReception-2014-06-07-098 J&DFedorWeddingReception 2014-06-07 108 J&DFedorWeddingReception 2014-06-07 131 J&DFedorWeddingReception-2014-06-07-281

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