Toledo, OH Senior Portrait Photography, Class of 2016: Don’t Delay your Senior Memories

Reason #1 to get your senior pictures before January: Convenience.  Senior year is hectic, its pricey, but it should be fun. Senior pictures can be all 3 of those things, but they do not have to be.  aByrdseyephoto Productions offer creative, fun, professional photography experiences for your senior year, whether its just for you, your mom is making you, or if you want to include your significant friend(s) in your shoot! By booking early, you can spread out the payments if needed, while getting one big senior event out of the way.  I usually shoot on Saturday mornings, or Sunday afternoons, but we can also schedule time right after school, sometimes even at school!

Through October, I am offering perks for taking fall senior pictures: a senior tshirt, extra wallets, and 25% off the prints you order!  Book Now for these great incentives on top of great pictures at affordable prices.

Here is an example of some of my favorite photos I have taken this year:

My options may be different from what you are used to from a studio.  All of my packages come with either prints, a photobook, or both.  I wont charge you a small fee to get you in the door, then when you fall in love with the pictures, charge an unexpected fee to get them.  What my packages offer takes the guesswork out of how much it will really cost you.  I have affordable options, with room to add more later, and top of the line packages with everything included up front.

All sessions are held at Your favorite location. If you dont have one in mind, we will choose one together.

I use professional printing companies, and pictures and photo books take a few weeks to come in. Booking early ensures that you will have pictures ready for open house and graduation announcements, wallets to give to your classmates and family over the holidays, and time to order more before graduation if needed.  You can be confident that everything will be creative, fun, & professional, from the session to the final product. If you are interested in a printed product not listed, please indicate so on your contract questionnaire.

Thanks for checking out aByrdseyephoto!

Here is my current list of senior photo prices:

Super Senior Package $350.00
  • 3 hours session
  • up to 2 locations
  • 10 year online access to digital files thru PASS
  • $25 Print Credit toward announcements, large print, etc.
  • 11X14 Print
  • Photobook (8×11)
  • 32 wallets (up to 4 poses)
  • 10 sheet print package
  1. additional time $35+
  2. See A La Cart for Extras and Package Printing
  3. Enlargements get 25% discount!
  4. Extra person(s) $25 up to 3 people

payment plan available (deposit, 30% 3 business days before shoot, 30% at photobook order)

Senior Classic Session $245.00

BEST Value!

•2 hours session

•1-2 location (within time limits)
•10 year online access to digital files thru PASS
•$ 20 Print credit toward announcements, large prints, etc.
•11X14 Print
•Photobook (8×8)
•32 wallets (up to 4 poses)
  1. 2nd location $35+
  2. See A La Cart for Extras and Package Printing $50+ (10sheets)
  3. Enlargements get 20% discount!
  4. Extra person(s) $25 up to 3 people

payment plan available (deposit, 30% 3 business days before shoot, 30% at photobook order)

Senior standard Session $215.00
  • 1.5 hours session
  • 1 location
  • 10 year online access to digital files thru PASS
  • Photobook (8×8)
  • $15 PASS print credit

Perfect if you think you dont need many prints, with room to add on later.

  1. 2nd location $35+
  2. See A La Cart for Extras and Package Printing $50+ (10sheets)
  3. Enlargements get 20% discount!
  4. Extra person(s) $25 up to 3 people

payment plan available (deposit, 30% 3 business days before shoot, 30% at photobook order)

Cap & Gown Package $160.00
  • 1 hour session
  • 1 location
  • Cap & gown + 1 pose only
  • 10 year online access to digital files thru PASS
  • 32 wallets (up to 2 poses)
  1. add 10 sheet package for $65
  2. 25% discount on enlargements
  3. add name on wallets for $6 per pose

payment plan available (50% deposit, balance due day of shoot)

Additional time $35.00
choose this option when time needed exceeds standard time offered. $35 per hour up to 4 hours, $25 per hour 4+ hours.

ex. if standard time is 1.5 hours and you need 3 hours, at $35 to regular price.  If standard time is 2 hours and you need 4 hours, add $50 to the regular price.

Portrait Package $75.00
10 full units

23 Toledo Weddings & Counting!


So far as of October of 2016, I have shot 23 weddings as a professional photographer.  Take a look at a brief collection of images I captured, mostly in Toledo, Ohio. I love finding new places that I did not know about prior to photographing weddings and engagements! I also have a new appreciation for downtown Toledo, the Toledo Art Museum, and the Toledo Botanical Gardens.  I frequent all of those now!

ABPhoto Wedding Portfolio via Google

Buck Wedding SS 2016-09-10 807.jpgNext year I hope to shoot in Cancun!  In the past, we have covered Maryland, Castle Farms, Monclova Community Center, weddings at Simply Married Chapel, and several churches in the community, including my own, Indiana Baptist Church. That is 4 states and counting! Its a small feat for some, but I am proud to take my talents on the road.

I also shoot out of town couples in Toledo! Recently I shot a couple from Atlanta GA, originally from Toledo.  That was an awesome experience witnessing how happy both sides of the family were for the couple.


Wedding Party in Greenbelt, Maryland

Someone asked me where was my favorite wedding so far. I am not sure about the wedding, but the reception list is cool, from the Stranahan, this weekend Im shooting at Maumee Bay State Park, I was a 2nd shooter at a Toledo Club reception  (they used about 10 different rooms in one night), and the Michigan wedding on a farm was pretty neat. We had all 4 seasons in one day in October! I also love the flexibility of Gesu, both inside and outside the venue is beautiful and accomodating.


Take a look at more on my wedding page above.  And if you are getting married, and happen to find this page, I would love to know what is your favorite place to take pictures for your wedding?  Leave me a comment, and you may just win a free engagement session headshot!

Who Are You?

Hi, are you a people person? Do you have anything hapening in your life coming up that brought you to my blog today?Who are you and how did you get here?Why am I asking so many questions?  Inquiring minds want to know. Shelby Studio Pics 2015-11-16 031


I would love to get to know my neighbors! Ive contemplated making flyers and putting them in my neighbors mailboxes for 2 years.  But I never did! I also have always put off blogging, thinking “no one reads my blog anyway.” Toledo Ohio is a little behind the times with networking, social media presence, and supporting our own.  Nonetheless my supporters have really stood behind my new venture of entreprenuership, and I am happy to call Toledo my current home.


When I saw these set of questions on another person’s blog, I thought, what a Great idea!

So tell me, who are you?  I will pick a random poster to offer a free 20 minute session to in my studio.  Its quick, and easy. Just leave a comment in the reply section below.


Take just a moment to leave a comment now!

Tell us:

  1. Your name + whereabouts you’re located
  2. What kind of business are you in – or what are you working on?  (What brings you here?)
  3. What do you wish clients / your audience knew about you – and why do you have a hard time telling them?  (This helps me help you, my friends.)

After you finish answering the 3 questions below, please take a look at my portfolio, under the menu tab.  Leave a comment there also if you see something that interests you. I love feedback! Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



Family Summer Sessions with A.Byrds.Eye.Photo. A Natural, Memorable Experience

This summer I offered a Wednesday special, to give families a chance to get some portrait sessions in during the week.  I loved the locations we chose, along with shooting at the golden hour, I dont get to do that so much in Ohio.  Native Toledoans that see my work tell me they love seeing the different parts of Toledo , and this session with the Quinn Family reminds me of the hashtags #itmatterswhereyoumakeit and our #youwilldobetterintoledo.

The National Museum of the Great Lakes is one of my favorite hidden gems in our city, and I believe the Quinn Family session captured some of outside of the museums coolest parts. Take a look:

Here is a link to the whole gallery. If you are in need of family portraits, please consider Abyrdseyephoto. Not in Toledo? We travel outside of the city as well, as a part of our full-service photography experience.

I started to share this on my Facebook page, but I decided to hopefully reach more souls here.

Please watch the video posted below.

This is one reason I take my job as a photographer so seriously, and get offended when people treat me like the hired help.

This goes for all people, not just women. Kids, men, all cultures and shades.

You wouldn’t believe how much I can read people just by listening to them & watching them interact with the camera.

watch this

Photography  is an art and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Just because for years you may have gotten your picture taken at a kiosk inside a big box store & paid a little more than the paper it was printed on  doesn’t make the photograph less important. Because you have avoided the camera for years , thinking you aren’t photogenic, you are robbing those who come after you the chance to view your beauty when you aren’t around.

Life and beauty is about so much more than your outward apppearance. The media has lied to us!  There is no height,  size, or stature that makes us photogenic. Being YOU makes you photogenic. Beautiful.

It’s morbid to speak of, but don’t let a cellphone pic be the best photo your loved ones have of you when you are gone. Cherish your life enough to capture it for generations after you.

Selfies are great, but if you are the only person that can take a great picture of you, you are hiding your true self from others. Open up to the world. Show them your smile. Show them your truth. Show them you.


How To Take Better Selfies With Your Smartphone

  1. Look around you. What else will be in the picture with you? Please refrain from bathroom stalls, dirty bedrooms, and objects that may look like they are sticking out of your head (ie. trees, lamp posts, buildings, etc.)
  2. Adjust the aperture setting on your smartphone camera. 1:1 works great. 16:9 probably stretches your head and nose way out of proportion.
    1. Android users beware: that beauty feature makes you look like a cartoon. Fake photoshop does not flatter your face.  turn down the beauty percentage to 10% or lower.  Read this article for more info.
  3. Most people hold the phone out in front of them or to the side. If you have a double chin like me, hold the phone above your head.  It makes everyone look better.  Trust me.
  4. If you take a burst of pictures you will find one you like faster than one at a time.  The first couple your are posing too hard, so by the 3rd one you should be more natural and relaxed looking. Just delete the extras when you are finished.
  5. No matter how good your phone is, the camera on the back of the phone is way better than the front.  If you want a less grainy picture, turn the phone around, or have someone else take the picture.
  6. Selfie sticks only let you take the picture farther away. Its meant for “usies” and to eliminate some of the distortion I talked about in #2. It doesnt necessarily take better photos.
  7. Lastly, do not use a selfie for your LinkedIn profile picture.  Hire a professional.  Whenever you get the chance, update your profile picture.  It makes a difference when people “meet” you via the internet before they meet you in person.  Think of how many jobs you may not have gotten a call for due to your profile pic! If; you need a professional shoot, I know a girl that can get you together, ;).

For posing tips, go here.  Here is an example of a good selfie: https://instagram.com/p/7VThLHFfeu/?taken-by=princess.byrd

Have a great day!DyamondSeniorPictures 2015-05-17 022

Test my theory and let me know what you think.

Boudoir Photography in Toledo; Capturing the Intimate Side of You

Boudoir photography is hard to explain.  For me, its like glamour photography for everyday women. Your 15 minutes of fame as a model.  A boost of self confidence, that no matter your profession, age, size, or fierceness, you are fabulous, and picture worthy-with the right outfit, posing, and lighting.

Boudoir Shoot 2016-01-31 273

Toledo Boudoir Photography by Abyrdseyephoto

Here is a great definition of boudoir photography, taken from here:

A boudoir client generally meets these criteria:

  • Has never posed for a camera beyond family, school or vacation photos.
  • Has never posed in front of a camera in anything but being fully clothed.
  • Has never posed in front of a camera in intimate apparel.
  • Is generally a bit nervous to utterly frightened of posing in intimate apparel on camera, let alone “looking sexy”.
  • Spends some or no time on their physique because they don’t pose in front of cameras for a living.
  • Are mostly in their late 20’s or older.

So you see this isn’t something that you book with a photographer, just for your birthday.  Its often a life changing event, that many women bring tears with them to the reveal session.  It takes time, and effort on all parties to make it “work”.  Hair, skin, and makeup preparation is essential to the overall look.  Check out this article from 1985: Real Playmates

Most of our boudoir sessions are held in the clients home, or at our studio.  We make sure you are relaxed before we start, and offer suggestions during the pre-consultation to assist with wardrobe choices.  We also have clothing items and props to help create the look you want.   Women book sessions equally for themselves, and for significant others.  Our boudoir albums make great gifts for weddings (grooms), Valentine’s Day, and private birthday gifts.  The session also makes a great gift for oneself! Birthdays, milestone celebrations, or for any reason at all, they make women feel good about themselves.




How much do you charge for?…

Hello all! Todays blogpost will attempt to answer the #1 question in my inbox. How much does AByrdseyephoto charge for photography?  Well, its not a easy question to answer.  Here’s why.

I offer different types of photography

Maybe you know by my website, but in case you dont, I offer services for weddings, seniors, all types of events, and various types of portraits, including families, newborns, models, headshots, and promotion shots for websites, advertising, etc.  (all of the blue words are links to my prices, click on them to see packages and a la cart offerings).



I run a full-service business.

I started out offering services to friends and family that needed photography for photobooks for personal and small business needs.  I started this business to make extra money to afford the equipment and materials needed to take great pictures.  AByrdseyephoto quickly turned into much more than that. Unlike some photographers you may be used to seeing, my business is not a hustle. I offer a full-service product, from preconsultations to canvas & prints. Therefore my prices are structured around being paid for my time, and offering a creative experience & a professional product.

I offer you options, so you get what You need

If you are thinking, that the studio you normally get pictures from offer a nominal sitting fee, with X amount of pictures included, how do I compare? Its not really a comparison.  I offer a unique experience, options to choose from, catered to your needs.  Its not a printing service, its a photography business. I sell art, captured memories.  Sometimes those memories are captured in my studio, but my studio has a piano, brick walls, and real scenery, not just backdrops. With AByrdseyephoto, you are not limited to just prints, and if you need home or studio session, the price is the same.


So, what are my prices?

It depends, (see links above). But expect to pay about $125 for basic portrait services, and $150 for 2 hours at an event.  Weddings ($1000+) and Seniors ($200-400) have special offerings, and most packages include a photo book and product credit, because printed products are very important to me.  I also offer special packages for maternity & newborn sessions.  If you have specific questions, please see the quote page.

Why should you book with AByrdseyephoto?

If you love photographs, and view photography as art, and appreciate supporting a locally owned business that offers the same professionalism as a chain photography studio, then I guarantee you will get your money’s worth with AByrdseyephoto Productions.  If you want options outside of standard print packages and the flexibility of capturing great memories wherever is best for your situation, then you should give us a try. If you want pictures taken with the expectation of little to no love put into your captures, editing, and want portraits available the same day, then Portrait Innovations might be a better fit for your needs.

I would love to be your photographer!

If you know someone getting married in 2016, please tell them about my current special on Facebook!