Headshots & Branding


We offer portrait sessions that offer much more than a headshot. For instance, our Personal Branding Sessions for entrepreneurs and business professionals.  These sessions come with outfit and branding consultations, which include makeup if necessary. In addition, we include licensing options for website and promotional materials so that you can utilize high resolution images that reflect your personality and vision.

Need a professional headshot for your new job or the LinkedIn profile for the job you want?  As a full-time photographer, we can get you in tomorrow if needed.  Headshots start at $159. The newly added headshot plus package adds a 3/4th shot to your 2 licensed images.

Our group and individual Headshots are also uniquely natural and professional.  Perfect for websites, profile pictures, and displays. Including the licensing in our prices for most all of these types of images ensures that you an do what you want with them! Want black and white and color versions of your images? We provide that at not extra cost.

Review this page to see our prices for headshots, branding, and corporate events: https://www.payit2.com/p/alisteventsphotos