Destination Wedding in Maryland | Jamel & Adrienne Mac

In July I shot my 2nd destination wedding on a rainy day at Martins Crosswinds, Greenbelt Maryland. It was a fabulous place. Lucky me, it was a family members wedding so my sister drove with me, & my oldest daughter came along as my 2nd shooter. Angela is getting really good as a 2nd shooter, as some of the reception and groomsmen shots show. Take a look at the collage I made for Jamel and Adrienne of their surprise proposal, and their engagement session, shot by Jsasuphotography.

The young bride and groom pulled off the wedding perfectly, despite the rain.  It was interesting shooting at a venue where several weddings were taking place at the same time! Shooting most of the wedding without sunlight gave our shots a moody feel, that I love, as it created a different experience for me.  The hall accommodated the wedding party very nicely, and I would recommend using them if you are near the Greenbelt Maryland area.  The coolest part of their wedding? They bought their own Snapchat filter! (Learn how to do that, here.)


Bride and her Father
Groomsmen GQ
Fun times
Wedding Party
Bride and Bridesmaids
Groomsmen in Formation
Brides Dress and Bridesmaids
Officiant and Groom waiting for her to arrive


Groomsmen getting Ready
The couple had their own Snapchat filter!


Traditional dance

This post will be a 2 parter, pictures of my adventures in Washington DC with my sister & daughter, and pictures from the wedding.

Reception Maryland Wedding

ReceptionMacauley Wedding 2016 2016-07-30 1075
Bride & Groom 1st Dance
ReceptionMacauley Wedding 2016 2016-07-30 456
Martins, Maryland Wedding
Getting ReadyMacauley Wedding 2016 2016-07-30 791
Maryland DC Bride
Getting ReadyMacauley Wedding 2016 2016-07-30 016
Grooms Details
DetailsMacauley Wedding 2016 2016-07-30 978
Abyrdseyephoto Engagement Collage Poster
1st Kiss Wedding Ceremony Maryland DC

Maryland Wedding Guests

B&GMacauley Wedding 2016 2016-07-30 900
Maryland Bride Getting Ready

I am really thankful the Macauley family chose me to be their wedding photographer! I enjoy providing quality, creative and professional images for everyone.  I also had the opportunity to visit Maryland during the week, which helped me to determine that maybe I dont want to move to Maryland!






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