Hello to whomever is reading my blog!  I had a hard time keeping interest in a blog before because I always felt like I was talking to myself-on the internet.  Sounds kinda corny/arrogant to me. Now that I understand the  benefits of a blog in my photography career, I’m much more interested.

I just read an article about Project 365 and I am excited to try it (again)!  I tried this a few years back when I started getting serious about photography but I only lasted a few weeks.  I set up a flickr account, joined a few Project 365 websites, but I didnt follow through.  Then I joined instagram (follow me) and I love that! But I again didnt want to overload my friends’ feeds with photos they may have already seen on my facebook page.

That being said, now that my 1st year of “professional” photography is coming to an end, I plan for 2014 to start a Project 365 page on this blog, and I hope you ride with me!

I keep updating this blog and it keeps reverting back to the original :(.
Im still trying to figure out how to update my pictures, since Blogger has not helped me :(.  In the meantime, please visit my instagram or flickr site to view my posts.  For February, I am going to use the Black History theme,  mildly similar to this.  If you have any ideas for photos or themes I should capture, please leave a comment below.  Here is my facebook post where I have started gathering ideas.  Thanks!
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